Have you ever felt yourself sweating in the middle of the night, finding the heat too much for your AC unit to cool down?

It is no fun when the AC doesn’t work, and quite funnily, it won’t be dead on any winter’s day but definitely on one of the hottest summer days. It matters less what temperature you set your AC on; it won’t be able to cool your room. Those are some of the days that we all have faced in our lives.

Sometimes there can be a problem with the thermostat, filters, and many more things that might have stopped your AC from blowing cold air. In such a case, you can immediately lookout for the best AC maintenance near me to help solve your problem.

Why Is AC Not Blowing Cold Air?

There are many reasons why your air conditioner may be operating but not decreasing the temperature in your room, ranging from basic issues like an incorrectly adjusted thermostat or a filthy filter to more sophisticated situations requiring component replacement. Before calling a professional, there are a few things you should look at :

  • Thermostat setting

Make sure the thermostat setting is set to cool, and nobody has changed the temperature. Switch it back to cooling mode if it’s turned off, set to heat, or set for a steady fan (often just labeled “on”).

Wait for a couple of minutes after the system is turned on, and then check for cold air coming from the registers.

  • Dirty filters

A clogged air filter can obstruct airflow and cause your home to overheat. It can even force the system to shut down completely in extreme circumstances. So, it is a must to get your ac filters cleaned.

  • Blocked condenser unit

A blocked or clogged condenser coil could be the cause of your air conditioner working but not lowering temperatures inside. So, look for a professional to clean the condenser out.

  • Frozen evaporator coil

An evaporator coil is part of your central air conditioning system’s indoor component. Because reaching the evaporator coil is tricky, it is preferable to leave repairing difficulties with a frozen evaporator coil to an HVAC professional.

  • Refrigerant leak

The chemical refrigerant is important in the cooling process. It changes from liquid to gaseous form as it passes through the system’s indoor and outdoor coils, taking heat energy and humidity from indoor air and releasing it outside.

A refrigerant leak can cause your AC system to stop blowing cold air, run for prolonged periods without sufficiently cooling your home, or cause damage to the compressor by failing and completely shutting down the system, depending on its severity.

If nothing works out and your AC unit is old enough, look for air conditioning replacement in Frisco, TX, for immediate help.

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