What Are The Strange Smells Coming From Your Heating Vents?

Mentioned hereunder are some unusual smells from your HVAC vents and what does it indicate.

  • Musty Odor

If you’ve lately been detecting a stinking musty smell from your heating vents, it could be due to the accumulation of molds or mildew. While identifying the exact source of mold accumulation could be challenging when you go for self-examination, you can take the help of a heat pump service near me to find out the origin. It is crucial because even when these molds and mildew aren’t harmful to your device, they can create pulmonary problems due to poor air quality.

Also, excessive use of the air conditioning unit can result in moisture within the device. If the excess water and dampness do not drain correctly, it can sneak into your heating vent and cause mold to grow.

  • Burning Smell

When you first switch on your heater for the winter, it may emit a faint odor reminiscent of hot iron or something burnt. You don’t have to be concerned as long as this doesn’t last too long.

Also, there could be a more significant problem if your heating vents smell like something is burning. It could be a filthy or blocked air filter restricting air passage and causing the electrical component radiators to overheat or a wiring issue within the motor.

  • Acetone Smell

You may have a coolant leak if you smell something such as fingernail paint remover. In outdated and poorly maintained systems, this can be a problem. It not only affects the effectiveness of your system, but it can also be dangerous because it is combustible. Check your system, locate the leak, fix it, and replace the refrigerant with the help of an HVAC specialist.

  • Pest Urine Stench

You most certainly have a pest problem if you detect bug smells coming from your vents. Mice, in particular, prefer to build their retreats in and around machinery and ducting, where they urinate and excrete. Find out where the mice live (it may be around the air handling unit as it’s warm there during winters), and take them out. Also, you will likely need to clean your ductwork and install an air filtering system after that.

It is time to get your unit inspected if you are lately experiencing these odors from your heating vents. At Calahan Construction & Air, we are a team of expert HVAC technicians and can help you save money on your heating repair, tune-up, or installation. To book our expert services, call us at (214) 664-6655.