During the sweltering summer months, you want your air-conditioning unit working to the best of its abilities. However, from time to time, even the priciest AC falters and breaks down. When that happens during a particularly hot day, it can become a nightmare. However, before you rush to shell out your money on expensive repairs and air conditioning replacement in Frisco, TX, try to figure out the problem first. You may want to Google “AC maintenance near me” and find HVAC service providers who can tell you what the issue is.

When the condenser gets too dirty, it impacts the performance of the AC. But how does one know that it is time to clean the condenser? Most AC maintenance providers in Frisco, TX, agree that there are symptoms to spot a dirty condenser –

  • Lower cooling than usual

If your AC isn’t providing as much cool air as it used to, that may be because of a dirty condenser. When a condenser is unclean, its ability to reject heat is severely affected. As a result, the AC does not cool the room the way it used to. If you notice that the cooling power is lowered, your condenser might be dirty.

  • Loud and abnormal noises

If your AC is emitting loud noises that it usually does not, this is another warning sign. Dirty condenser coils can cause loud noises. Sometimes, leaves, dirt, and other particles can get stuck in the condenser. Twigs or small leaves can get stuck there. These can cause loud noises, which is a sign that you need to clean the condenser. If you do not wish to do it yourself, ask for AC maintenance services near you.

  • Higher bills

Another easy way to spot a dirty condenser is if your electricity bills are much higher than usual. When you have a dirty condenser, it affects the energy efficiency of the air conditioning unit. The AC cannot provide cooling in the same way it did and, as a result, has to work much harder. This causes a steep rise in the electricity bills. So if your bills are higher than usual, it might be worth taking a look at your condenser.

  • Buildup of fluid

When dirt or debris gets stuck in the condenser coil, it may cause a buildup of fluid. The condenser’s job is to turn gas into a fluid. A dirty condenser cannot do its job properly and may cause a leak. You may notice fluid dripping out of the air conditioning unit. In this case, call AC maintenance services and get your condenser coil looked at.

While you may be able to clean the condenser yourself, this is only one-half of the job. To get the condenser coil cleaned thoroughly and professionally, you must call a service technician. Getting the job done by a professional ensures that the above problems are addressed.

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