Dear Mr. Calahan:
Tonight I called my 82-year-old mom’s warranty company because last summer 2018 we had a truly horrible experience with another AC company that ended in us filing a formal complaint against the company and tonight when I talked with the warranty company I learned that the company is not any longer on the warranty company’s list as a service provider. The problem was simple – the company was dishonest, was attempting to charge for things that were not necessary and were not required by law, and also was attempting to inflate substantially the prices in the process – not only did the city’s building inspector get fed up with his approach but also my mom and I got fed up. Once the owner knew that we were not going to back down, he started “playing games” and strung out the A/C repairs for so long that my mom ended up having to go to a hotel for over a week, was out a lot of money in the process, and very soon thereafter landed in the hospital for 17 days because of high blood pressure that started during this unstable time in her life.
I called the warranty company tonight because I needed to get a list of potential AC service companies so that I could research them ahead of time and determine whether one or more of them might be good for my mom to use in case she has air conditioning problems while I am on a trip abroad in the near future, especially in hot August (since my 82-year-old mom has heart problems). It is now after 4 am in the morning, and of the 5 companies that I reviewed, I eliminated 2 companies because of very bad reviews and 1 other company because I suspect it uses too many independent contractors and is not doing a good job of quality control in the process. 1 company may indeed be a good company, but they have only 1 review. And the last company I reviewed was YOUR COMPANY AND YOU.
I have read literally thousands of review in my time, but in one sitting I have NOT EVER read not only so many truly GREAT reviews but also VERY HONEST and SINCERE reviews, i.e., after you read enough reviews you can spot many times ones that at least appear to be “staged”. The reviews of your company and you remind me of the reputation that my precious 88-year-old dad (who passed away at VA Dallas after being in the ICU for 5.5 months and the medical staff making too many mistakes in his medical care) had as an auto mechanic and transmission specialist. Dad would price his services at less than more because he believed in being honest with, not taking advantage of, and helping people. And, in the process, he would give his customers repair options, tell them how much each option would cost, and give them his recommendation in the process. My dad loved his work and wanted to be a mechanic from the time he was a little boy, doing his first major work on an automobile when he was approx. 8 years old (and his father intentionally would not help him with the work because he wanted my dad to have confidence in his abilities). And when in elementary school his schoolteacher asked the students who they wanted to be when they grew up, my dad answered joyfully that he wanted to be a mechanic, but unfortunately the teacher’s expression on her face did not reflect her joy for his choice. After reading all of the reviews, you remind me of my precious dad. I have printed off all of your reviews for my mom, and I can just hear her now after she finishes reading them, “sign me up immediately” as his future customer when needed! In a day and time when business and personal ethics are so sorely lacking in so many different professions, thank you that you have had the courage, integrity, and compassion to hold on to yours. When and if in the future my sweet mom needs help with A/C problems, we look forward to contacting you to take care of them. In the meantime, we wish you continued success with your company and in your family and personal life. Respectfully submitted, Sissy (the name that my precious dad called me all of the time, even as a grown woman)