If your furnace does not turn on, here is a list of simple steps you can take before booking an expert for heating repair in The Colony.

  • Check The Circuit Breakers

You can start by checking the circuit breaker box to find out if any breaker is tripped. If, due to any reason, there is a tripped breaker, fixing it shall solve the problem.

  • Check The Thermostat

First things first, investigate if the settings of the thermostat are correct. Check if the temperature control settings are appropriate. At times, if the power goes off, the thermostat settings are reset. It can also be a problem. To check if that is the issue, you can turn the thermostats settings to 10 degrees higher than the current setting. The mode of the thermostat shall also be changed to ‘heat’.

  • Check The Sir Filter Of The Furnace

A clogged filter can also be a reason why your furnace is not turning on. The air filter of the furnace must be cleaned regularly and changed every three months. Not cleaning the filters might lead to the accumulation of dirt and clogging of the filter. It will not let the air flow into the blower, and thus, the furnace will cease to work.

  • The Pilot Light

Check the pilot light or electric igniter of your furnace. See if the flame is clear blue. If the flame is not burning, or if the flame’s color is yellowish, it might indicate several problems. If the flame is not burning, you can ignite it, and the blower will start working. If not, you must call for heating repair at Lewisville, TX. If the color of the flame is yellowish, it is an indicator of emission of carbon monoxide, or some crack, or opening. You must seek the help of a professional to fix these problems.

  • Is The Drain Pan Filled With Water?

Often, the drain pan of the furnace is filled with wastewater that couldn’t be pumped out due to a malfunctioning drain pump. Removing the water shall solve the problem for the time being. However, it would be best to get the drain pipe repaired by a trained technician for heating repair at the colony.

By following these simple steps, your furnace should most likely start working. However, if the problem exists even after these steps, you must book an experienced and trusted professional for heating repair at Lewisville, TX.

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