The saying “old is gold” does not apply to HVAC or other appliances or equipment. With the passing years, HVAC appliances, like furnaces, lose their working efficiency and start malfunctioning. This malfunctioning and lesser working efficiency increase the owners’ maintenance expenditure and energy bills.

The only way to solve the problem of an old and inefficient furnace is to replace it. Contacting an HVAC company for a heating tune-up in Carrollton, TX, for your old furnace is futile. Save your time and money, and purchase a new and efficient heating system.

When To Look For a New Furnace?

It is not hard to identify the signs that your old furnace is incapable of working now. The first sign of the inefficiency of a furnace is its age. The lifespan of a furnace is 8 to 10 years, which can stretch up to 15 years if you frequently serviced and maintained it. If your furnace has crossed the 10-year mark, you may start looking for a new furnace.

Another sign of an inefficient furnace is hot and cold pockets in the house when the furnace works. The temperature of two or more rooms should not be significantly different.

Also, an aging furnace that needs too many repair jobs is not worth the money. It will help if you are looking for a new furnace when the total expenditure for your current furnace increases beyond half the cost of a new furnace. You can contact your HVAC company that provides heating tune-up services in Carrollton, TX, to know about the latest models.

Advantages of New Furnace

HVAC appliances have come a long way. You may have purchased your current furnace a few years back. The difference between a furnace manufactured a few years back and a furnace manufactured this year is tremendous.

  • Material Type

The first difference is that factories manufacture the latest HVAC appliances with the latest components and materials. These materials support quicker heat transfer from the furnace to the house. With the quicker heat transfer, the furnace will not have to work for more hours, and you can save a few bills on energy consumption.

  • Electronic Ignition System

The latest furnace models have electronic ignition systems, which consume lesser electricity and are more reliable than the old pilot lights, which consumed electricity even when the system was off.

  • Second Heat Exchange

Old furnaces had one heat exchanger, but the latest models have two heat exchangers. The first heat exchange transfers heat from one area to another while the second heat exchanger collects the combustion gas vapors. The second heat exchanger condenses the gas vapors, extracts heat from them, and distributes the heat in the house.

Purchasing a new furnace does not mean that all you have to do is buy a furnace. You need to contact a reputed company that provides top-notch installation services because an efficient but poorly-installed furnace will not work up to the mark.

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