Furnaces used to be one of the noisiest ways to heat a house. The sound of it turning on was like a screaming dragon in the cellar. But those days are long gone, and advanced furnaces function quietly, providing a pleasant background noise in everyday life. Until, of course, something goes wrong. Hence when your furnace makes some abnormal sounds, they are an indication that you must call experts for heating repair in Frisco, TX.

Why Does A Furnace Make A Rattling Noise?

Mentioned hereunder are some reasons your furnace makes a rattling sound.

  • The Ignition is on

Before the furnace goes on, you may hear a short snapping or rattling noise. It is most likely the sound of the furnace’s flame getting lit. While it is not a big deal as soon as it ends before the furnace fires up, if your furnace won’t turn on despite a snapping sound, the igniter is most likely unable to start the pilot light.

It indicates that the ignition system isn’t working accurately, and you must call experts for heating repair in Lewisville, TX.

  • Air Filter or Dirty Burners

The banging noises could be due to an excessive amount of debris in your furnace’s combustion or air filter. Dust and debris in these components can cause a startling amount of noise if your furnace hasn’t been cleaned in over a year.

The first step is to remove any dust from the compressor and burner cavity, paying attention to the blower fan and the rear corners of the hollow. Also, you can use a portable or hose vacuum to clean air filters or dirty burners.

  • Distorting or Stretching Ducts

If your furnace makes a banging or rattling noise now and again, it’s conceivable that your pipes have warped from years of use. It does not affect the furnace’s operation, but it can disturb you. It is why it is crucial to call experts for a heating tune-up in Frisco, TX, and get this issue rex

  • Air Compressor Set-Screws Are Loose

Set-screws connect the exhaust system to the blower fan. The fan may rattle as it rotates if the set-screws are loose. Note that if the set-screws have remained unfastened for a long time, other parts of the engine, such as rotor blades or spinners, may have been damaged and need to be replaced by calling HVAC technicians.

  • The Engine in Your Draft Inducer is Defective

Check to see if your draught inducer motor needs to get rebuilt if the rattling sounds like tapping. The inducer motor efficiently removes air from the heat transfer, allowing cleaner air to circulate throughout the unit. The motor wheel of a draught inducer might become imbalanced at times. Unfortunately, most products make it impossible to reach this component, thus getting replaced.

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