You must have checked on Google heating repair near me when your furnace stops working. As it has various components that face frequent wear and tear due to constant running, it is rather common for the system to malfunction due to one part or the other.

One such part of your furnace that can cause the system to malfunction is the furnace ignitor. As the name suggests, the basic purpose of a furnace ignitor is to burn the gas that enters your furnace to generate heat. It has only one job, and it is small in size, but if it malfunctions, your furnace will not generate heat under any condition.

You need to take proper care of your ignitor so that your furnace works efficiently, and you do not have to spend your nights without a working furnace.

Here are some signs that may indicate a faulty furnace ignitor:

Furnace Breakdown

Your furnace can break down and stop functioning for many reasons, like a tripped breaker, dirty air filters, or faulty wirings. However, there might be some electrical issues too. You ought to do basic things like verifying whether the circuit breaker for your heater has been switched before calling an expert to check your faulty ignitor.

Another reason for a non-working furnace is a faulty furnace ignitor. If it is not starting up even after you have checked all the other parts, the real culprit may be the ignitor, itself. Hence, cleaning it should solve this problem. If the furnace does not start working, you can contact your HVAC company for heating repair in The Colony or the city where you stay.

Cold Air

A furnace works to provide you with warm air. However, if it is giving out cold air, surely that means something is not right. Before checking your furnace ignitor, you should check the other parts, like the thermostat and gas levels.

Once you are sure that the other parts are working efficiently, it means that the furnace ignitor has malfunctioned and is not burning the gas to generate heat.

Short Cycling

A furnace short cycles when it shuts off before reaching the required temperature. Short cycling happens when the furnace detects safety problems in it. Many components can cause the furnace to short cycle frequently, like dirty air filters and faulty wirings, but the ignitor can do this too.

Contact your HVAC company to help you replace or clean your ignitor for efficient working of your furnace.

No-Glow Ignitor

The new furnace models have ignitors in place of pilot lights as they are safer, quicker, and work on electrical detection. A properly-working ignitor should light up when you switch on your furnace.

However, if the ignitor does not light up, it means that your furnace needs professional attention. You can locate the ignitor where you used to find your pilot light.

If your furnace is not working even after you have tried the above tips, you need to contact an HVAC company for heating repair in Lewisville, TX, immediately as the problem may be more serious than it seems. Calahan Construction & Air is there to assist you with all types of HVAC services at one call. Contact us at (214) 664-6655 or email us at [email protected] to know more about our rates.