A leak, most typically caused by refrigerant seeping out of the system, is one of the most prevalent problems that homeowners face with their air conditioners. Therefore, you must always get a skilled and trained technician from a reputed service provider to perform regular AC maintenance. To avoid this, just look for air conditioning repair near me.

The first question that comes to your mind after noticing a refrigerant or Freon leak in your AC unit is,” How much will fixing it cost me”? Read ahead to find out the various factors that affect the cost of a Freon leak repair.

How Much Does A Freon Leak In An Air Conditioner Cost?

A leak can be caused by various circumstances, making it difficult to diagnose the issue if you are new to HVAC systems. Improper installation, inadequate maintenance, and defective refrigerant charge are just a few examples.

It is also very important to understand the extent of a Freon leak’s problems. Coolant, usually called Freon, is a solid chemical that cools warm air and helps your HVAC system direct cool air into your home. The leak can be in the ductwork that carries the coolant or the container that holds it.

You should immediately address these types of leaks because coolant can be harmful to humans, pets and the environment. You can expect to pay from $160-$375 if you simply need an additional coolant. You can expect a higher bill if you need immediately a leak repair from a service providing air conditioning repair in Plano, TX.

You could perhaps pay between $550 and $1600 to detect and repair refrigerant leaks and air conditioning.

What Factors Are Considered For A Freon Leak Repair’s Cost?

Other cost elements that can influence how much you pay for an AC leak repair include:

  • The AC system’s age

The age of your AC system has a huge effect on the repair costs. A new AC system within the guarantee period will be light on your pocket compared to the repairs for an old model.

  • Location

The location of the leak affects the time and efforts that will be needed by the technicians from air conditioning repair in Plano, TX. However, if the leak is superficial, the costs will also be less.

  • Company’s Hourly Rate

AC repair in Plano, TX, is charged at an hourly rate. Therefore, if the company you hired a technician from has a high hourly rate, this will also reflect in the final bill.

  • The Extent Of The Damage

A Freon leak detected and repaired immediately will not cause much damage. However, if the leak stays undetected for long, it will further damage the other parts of the system, which causes more problems.

Considering these factors, it is better to look out for the simplest of signs and look for air conditioning repair near me. For emergency AC repairs, call us at (214)-664-6655.