You’re not alone if you forget to change your air filter regularly. We understand that daily life is hectic, and many homes overlook this easy maintenance activity. Several factors determine the frequency with which you should change your air filter.
An air filter should be replaced every three months at the absolute least. You’ll probably need to change it more frequently if you have pets or suffer from allergies.

Factors That Determine How Soon Should One Change The AC Filter

The frequency of how often one needs to change the AC filter usually depends on several factors, including:

  • Model Of Air Filter

Each HVAC model has a unique specification for changing, cleaning and maintenance of various parts. These are specified in the instruction manual. Thus, depending on the kind of HVAC unit you have and the kind of filter used in the system.

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  • Air Quality Within The House

While most of us generally rely on the air filters from the HVAC unit to keep the air within the house clean and fresh, some people like to be extra cautious and install additional air purifiers. If you have a similar arrangement, chances are your air purifier is already taking care of most of the work.

Thus the air filter of your HVAC unit will remain cleaner for a longer time and can be changed less frequently.

  • The Number Of Pets

Pets are lovely, but they shed a lot of hair that can be harmful to your HVAC unit. The pet hair clogs the air filter quickly. Thus, your air filter will have to be changed more frequently if you have any furry pets in the house.

  • Family

Considering your family’s safety, if someone in your house is allergic to dust or asthmatic, it is better to clean or change the air filter before the recommended date to avoid any health problems.

  • Pollution Levels In The Air And Construction Surrounding The House

The area you are living in also has a huge impact on changing the air filters. If you live in a clean and green neighborhood, your AC filters are bound to last longer than those living near a polluted area, populated area, construction site, etc.

Apart from the factors mentioned above, a general rule is to get your AC filter replaced every 90 days, especially during the summer. The duration can vary as per the conditions of your house.

However, most experts from service producers for AC repair in Frisco, TX, recommend that one not delay beyond the recommended duration. This helps in maintaining the efficiency of your HVAC unit and prevents additional problems as well.

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