The global shortage of microchips and other critical supplies has produced a perfect storm in the HVAC business. While everyone is optimistic that the supply chain will eventually catch up, meeting the demand for new HVAC equipment is more difficult.

Consumers across the country feel the consequences of a severe HVAC equipment shortage. But who or what is to blame for this scarcity? How will this scarcity affect you as a consumer if you need HVAC equipment?

Impact These Shortages Have on Consumers

For customers, this often means that you will have to wait longer for a new HVAC unit or a replacement part for your system than you would have in the past. Being as proactive as possible and attempting to avoid problems from occurring in the first place is a fantastic method to do so. Here are a few leads to help you:

  • Replace the air filter every month or as needed for your unit.
  • Hire an expert like heating repair in Lewisville, TX, to tune up your system.
  • This will ensure that any abnormalities are detected well before they cause a system failure.

Which Shortages Are Affecting The Availability of HVAC Equipment?

When determining what is causing the parts shortages, there are numerous factors to examine.

  • Steel, aluminum, copper, and polymers are raw materials for new HVAC equipment.
  • Semiconductors are becoming increasingly scarce. Semiconductors are used in air conditioners because temperature sensors require them.

Shortages: What Caused Them?

COVID-19 Pandemic: The COVID-19 pandemic has caused delays and deterioration in many supply chains across a wide range of businesses. Many modes of transportation and travel were shut down due to pandemic restrictions, impeding the flow of products.

Suez Canal Blockage: The blockade of the Suez Canal in 2021 had a significant economic impact, disrupting the HVAC supply chain. The incident is likely to have been caused by a combination of technological and human faults.

The Texas Snowpocalypse: Intense snowstorms in Texas early in 2021 wreaked havoc on the economy. Due to the so-called “snowpocalypse”, multiple extensive semiconductor facilities experienced power outages and other interruptions.

The Renesas Semiconductor Factory Fire: A large fire at the Renesas semiconductor facility in Japan destroyed about 6,500 square feet of area and 23 machines.

How Can You Ensure That Your HVAC Systems Are Operational Throughout The Year?

Plan your seasonal tune-ups—heating in the fall and cooling in the spring. Your HVAC expert, such as heating repair in The Colony, will look for hidden dangers that may require future part repairs.

What Else Should Consumers Know About The Supply Shortage?

The supply chain constraint isn’t affecting just one product line or a few companies in specific areas — it’s affecting the entire sector. While the scarcity is still in effect, it’s critical to keep your present unit in good working order so you don’t have to replace it during the peak of the shortage.

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