You are not alone if you frequently forget to change your air filter. We know that everyday life in Frisco, TX is busy, and many homeowners forget to do the simple maintenance. Ideally, one should change an AC’s air filters every three months.
You’re probably going to have to change it more often if you have pets or suffer from allergies. If your AC filter has not been changed for long, the following signs are indices that you need to look for AC maintenance near me and get the filter replaced:

  • Extreme Heating Of The HVAC Unit

One clear sign that you need to replace your AC filter is if the unit’s back is too hot. In extreme cases, when the filter is too dirty, warm air can be felt from the back of the unit. The air conditioner with an obstructed filter works harder to keep the house cool.

This leads to an extreme rise in the temperature of the machinery and causes damages that eventually shortens the unit’s lifetime. Instead of spending money on repairs, you can lower the load by changing the air filters regularly.

  • Not Enough Cooling

Different issues can be associated with reduced HVAC efficiency. One of the most easily detectable ones is to check the AC filter if you notice a reduced cooling from your unit.

A dirty air filter will not allow the cool air to pass through it properly, leaving you in a pool of unpleasant sweat. If the air filter does not present any problems, look for AC maintenance near me immediately.

  • More Pronounced Allergies

Homeowners with allergies should be especially careful in changing air filters. The air filter holds onto the dust pollen and the pet dander.

If the filter is saturated with such pollutants, it will malfunction and blow out dust and pollutants through your entire home and circulate in the air. Thus, making allergic reactions more frequent and pronounced.

  • Increased Dust In The House

Finding more than usual dust on surfaces and furniture near the ventilation is another common sign of a dirty air filter.

When your air filter needs replacement, the surfaces closest to the ducts will have more amount of dust on them.

  • White Sheet Test

The “White Sheet Test” is one smart way to determine whether the air filter is dirty. Simply put a white sheet of paper in front of the vents for about an hour. If the sheet becomes grey, the air filters are clogged and need replacement.

The AC filter is one of the least complicated parts of an air conditioning system, yet it can drastically affect its efficiency and the air quality in your home. Any service provider for air conditioning replacement in Frisco, TX, can help you with changing air filters.

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