The constant usage of air conditioners often leads to their wear down and limited lifespan. The condition of the AC gets distorted gradually, making it difficult for long time usage. To avoid such a dire situation of the air conditioner, getting the air conditioner regularly maintained not to cause unexpected hindrance or stoppage.

Although regular air conditioner maintenance might seem to be a bit costlier, the result is profitable. By having the AC maintained by a professional AC tune-up in Frisco, TX, the air conditioner’s lifespan gets extended, and any unforeseen accident can be avoided. The ideal time gap to arranging for air conditioner maintenance is one year. Having the air conditioner check every year will keep it in optimum condition.

A thorough air conditioner tune-up will most generally have the following elements included –

1. Condenser coil inspection

A condenser coil is a vital part of an air conditioner as it helps release the heat trapped in the refrigerant and lets the unit cool down. If the trapped heat remains within, it might lead to devise malfunction. Tune-up generally has a round of condenser coil check.

2. Coolant level inspection

The coolant level will have to be constantly checked as a moving part of the air conditioner, and the coolant level might be under the risk of easy wear down. It has to be maintained at the proper level as a low coolant might lead to a block of the engine and shut circuit of the entire unit blowing up and emitting smoke. It can be dangerous to leave the coolant level unchecked for long.

3. Thermostat inspection

A thermostat helps the air conditioner to determine the temperature in the atmosphere and produce the required air. If the thermostat doesn’t function properly and has the wrong reading inscribed, it might provide less than sufficient cool air. A professional from AC replacement in Frisco, TX, will decipher the right problem with the thermostat and inspect it for the right solution.

4. Ductwork inspection

The ductwork is important to provide the right cooling effect. If the insulation around the ductwork is weak, then there are chances of leaking and/ or causing energy wastage. This might provide less cool air and might also be the reason for the high electricity bill.

5. Blower motor and Blower belt inspection

The blower belt and the motor is the connecting sector which joins various internal components of an air conditioner together. It is an essential component in all air conditioners and must be at its optimum level. In a tune-up, the expert will make sure that the blower belt is in perfect condition.

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