In the middle of the winter season, the last thing we want is for our furnace burners to stop working. It is understandable if you panic when your furnace’s blower suddenly decides to stop blowing air, or worse, blows cold air in the room. However, before you call for heating repair in Plano, TX, there are some “do it yourselfers” that you can try. It will solve the problem and save you from spending on an unnecessary repair or tune-up session.

DIYs To Do When Your Furnace Blower Stops Working

Before you start with anything, check if your furnace’s blower is emitting cold air or is not emitting air at all. Accordingly, you can work on the solution.

The Vent Is Not Releasing Air At All

If you notice that the vent is not releasing any air, be it warm or not, then there can be three steps that you can take before you think about heating repair in Plano, TX.

  • See If The Circuit Is Intact

First of all, go and check the circuit breaker box. Mostly, a problem as simple as a tripped circuit can stop your furnace from working. See if any of the breakers are tripped and fix them. The problem shall be resolved.

  • Check The Setting Of The Thermostat

If there is no problem with the circuit breaker, you should check the thermostat’s setting. Ensure that the thermostat is turned on and the temperature setting is adequate. A low-temperature setting can also stop your blower from working. To check if the thermostat is working properly, you can increase the temperature slightly more than the required amount.

  • Check The Filter Of Your Furnace

Another aspect you can check for on your own is the furnace filter. The filters of your furnace clean the air from dirt and dust. Over time, these get accumulated on the filter and clog it. You must clean the filters regularly and change them at least once every 4 to 6 months.

Ignoring this can eventually clog the filters so much that no air will be able to pass through. Moreover, it also puts more pressure on your furnace to heat the room and might result in the need for frequent heating repair in Frisco, TX.

  • The Furnace Is Giving Out Cold Air

If you notice that air is coming out of the furnace but is cold, it might be due to an issue with the igniter. Check the ignition flame or pilot light and see if it is burning in pure blue color. If the color of the flame is not blue, and the hue is towards yellower shade, then all you need to do is clean the burner.

However, if the flame continues to be yellowish, it might indicate carbon monoxide leakage. Carbon monoxide leakage would mean that the heat exchanger is cracked. This gas is harmful to those living in the room and can even cause fatal damages.

Such a situation might require professional assistance, and you must book an appointment for heating repair at Frisco, TX. We at Calahan Construction And Air offer reliable heating and cooling service at honest price ranges. Contact us now (214) 664-6655!