How Much Does It Cost To Fix A Freon Leak In Your Air Conditioner?

A leak, most typically caused by refrigerant seeping out of the system, is one of the most prevalent problems that homeowners face with their air conditioners. Therefore, you must always get a skilled and trained technician from a reputed service provider to perform regular AC maintenance. To avoid this, just look for air conditioning repair near me.

The first question that comes to your mind after noticing a refrigerant or Freon leak in your AC unit is,” How much will fixing it cost me”? Read ahead to find out the various factors that affect the cost of a Freon leak repair.

How Much Does A Freon Leak In An Air Conditioner Cost?

A leak can be caused by various circumstances, making it difficult to diagnose the issue if you are new to HVAC systems. Improper installation, inadequate maintenance, and defective refrigerant charge are just a few examples.

It is also very important to understand the extent of a Freon leak’s problems. Coolant, usually called Freon, is a solid chemical that cools warm air and helps your HVAC system direct cool air into your home. The leak can be in the ductwork that carries the coolant or the container that holds it.

You should immediately address these types of leaks because coolant can be harmful to humans, pets and the environment. You can expect to pay from $160-$375 if you simply need an additional coolant. You can expect a higher bill if you need immediately a leak repair from a service providing air conditioning repair in Plano, TX.

You could perhaps pay between $550 and $1600 to detect and repair refrigerant leaks and air conditioning.

What Factors Are Considered For A Freon Leak Repair’s Cost?

Other cost elements that can influence how much you pay for an AC leak repair include:

  • The AC system’s age

The age of your AC system has a huge effect on the repair costs. A new AC system within the guarantee period will be light on your pocket compared to the repairs for an old model.

  • Location

The location of the leak affects the time and efforts that will be needed by the technicians from air conditioning repair in Plano, TX. However, if the leak is superficial, the costs will also be less.

  • Company’s Hourly Rate

AC repair in Plano, TX, is charged at an hourly rate. Therefore, if the company you hired a technician from has a high hourly rate, this will also reflect in the final bill.

  • The Extent Of The Damage

A Freon leak detected and repaired immediately will not cause much damage. However, if the leak stays undetected for long, it will further damage the other parts of the system, which causes more problems.

Considering these factors, it is better to look out for the simplest of signs and look for air conditioning repair near me. For emergency AC repairs, call us at (214)-664-6655.

What Is The Easiest Way To Clean An Air Conditioner?

You can prevent mold and dirt from developing within your air conditioner by cleaning it up. You will get more use out of it in the long run. Additionally, a well-kept air conditioning system consumes less energy than the dirty one and helps you avoid scheduling regular AC maintenance in Plano, TX.

However, if you have never cleaned an AC before, it may appear overwhelming. Luckily, the procedure isn’t as difficult as it appears. You can keep your air conditioner clean and power-efficient by following the steps below.

  • Air Filter Cleaning

Ensure that your AC is turned off before removing the front panels and air filter. Use a vacuum cleaner to remove as much dirt as possible if it is full of dust or dirt. After that, wash your filter in lukewarm soap water and let it dry.

  • Grills And Exterior

The second step for cleaning your AC is to wash those dusty grills with water and detergent. If that is too much for you, use a wet cloth to wipe the dust away.

Wiping may leave a lot of dust behind, so we advise you to wash it. Wipe off the top and sides of your AC unit after you’ve cleaned the grill. This part may require professional help, so look for AC maintenance in Plano, TX.

  • Coils And Fins

Carefully comb the aluminum fins inside your air conditioner with a fin comb. Take your time with this procedure because the fins can be sharp, and they will bend quickly due to excess pressure.

If any of the fins bend, gently side or press them back in shape. Next, using your compressed air can clean the coils inside the machine. Remove any rubbish that may be keeping your unit from functioning properly.

  • Clean The Condenser

Use a vacuum and a towel to clean the blower’s fan blades thoroughly. After that, secure any loose mounting bolts. If the fan motor has oil ports, apply a few drops of lightweight oil or spray WD-40 into the ports. Using a mop, remove any excess water from the device.

  • Reassemble

Reassemble the condenser when you’ve finished cleaning the air conditioner. Any weeds, twigs, or vines that may obstruct airflow via the condenser unit should be removed.

  • Refrigerant Lines

Once done, check the refrigerant lines. They are usually insulated with foam insulation and run from the air handler’s evaporator coil to the condenser positioned outside your home.

Replace the insulation on the refrigerant lines if it is broken when cleaning your air conditioner to improve the efficiency of your system.

Cleaning an HVAC is an easy task if you are familiar with the various parts of the system. However, instead of cleaning the AC yourself, it is better to rely on professionals to help you sort out the task.

If you are looking for service providers for air conditioning repair in Frisco, TX, to get your HVAC unit cleaned, call us at (214)-664-6655.

How Do You Know If Your AC Air Filter Needs Changing?

You are not alone if you frequently forget to change your air filter. We know that everyday life in Frisco, TX is busy, and many homeowners forget to do the simple maintenance. Ideally, one should change an AC’s air filters every three months.
You’re probably going to have to change it more often if you have pets or suffer from allergies. If your AC filter has not been changed for long, the following signs are indices that you need to look for AC maintenance near me and get the filter replaced:

  • Extreme Heating Of The HVAC Unit

One clear sign that you need to replace your AC filter is if the unit’s back is too hot. In extreme cases, when the filter is too dirty, warm air can be felt from the back of the unit. The air conditioner with an obstructed filter works harder to keep the house cool.

This leads to an extreme rise in the temperature of the machinery and causes damages that eventually shortens the unit’s lifetime. Instead of spending money on repairs, you can lower the load by changing the air filters regularly.

  • Not Enough Cooling

Different issues can be associated with reduced HVAC efficiency. One of the most easily detectable ones is to check the AC filter if you notice a reduced cooling from your unit.

A dirty air filter will not allow the cool air to pass through it properly, leaving you in a pool of unpleasant sweat. If the air filter does not present any problems, look for AC maintenance near me immediately.

  • More Pronounced Allergies

Homeowners with allergies should be especially careful in changing air filters. The air filter holds onto the dust pollen and the pet dander.

If the filter is saturated with such pollutants, it will malfunction and blow out dust and pollutants through your entire home and circulate in the air. Thus, making allergic reactions more frequent and pronounced.

  • Increased Dust In The House

Finding more than usual dust on surfaces and furniture near the ventilation is another common sign of a dirty air filter.

When your air filter needs replacement, the surfaces closest to the ducts will have more amount of dust on them.

  • White Sheet Test

The “White Sheet Test” is one smart way to determine whether the air filter is dirty. Simply put a white sheet of paper in front of the vents for about an hour. If the sheet becomes grey, the air filters are clogged and need replacement.

The AC filter is one of the least complicated parts of an air conditioning system, yet it can drastically affect its efficiency and the air quality in your home. Any service provider for air conditioning replacement in Frisco, TX, can help you with changing air filters.

Schedule an appointment with a professional technician from a service provider for AC maintenance or air conditioning replacement in Frisco, TX. Call us at (214) 664-6655.

How Long Can You Go Without Changing The AC Air Filter?

You’re not alone if you forget to change your air filter regularly. We understand that daily life is hectic, and many homes overlook this easy maintenance activity. Several factors determine the frequency with which you should change your air filter.
An air filter should be replaced every three months at the absolute least. You’ll probably need to change it more frequently if you have pets or suffer from allergies.

Factors That Determine How Soon Should One Change The AC Filter

The frequency of how often one needs to change the AC filter usually depends on several factors, including:

  • Model Of Air Filter

Each HVAC model has a unique specification for changing, cleaning and maintenance of various parts. These are specified in the instruction manual. Thus, depending on the kind of HVAC unit you have and the kind of filter used in the system.

You can look for services for AC repair near me and book an appointment with a professional to get your air filters changed.

  • Air Quality Within The House

While most of us generally rely on the air filters from the HVAC unit to keep the air within the house clean and fresh, some people like to be extra cautious and install additional air purifiers. If you have a similar arrangement, chances are your air purifier is already taking care of most of the work.

Thus the air filter of your HVAC unit will remain cleaner for a longer time and can be changed less frequently.

  • The Number Of Pets

Pets are lovely, but they shed a lot of hair that can be harmful to your HVAC unit. The pet hair clogs the air filter quickly. Thus, your air filter will have to be changed more frequently if you have any furry pets in the house.

  • Family

Considering your family’s safety, if someone in your house is allergic to dust or asthmatic, it is better to clean or change the air filter before the recommended date to avoid any health problems.

  • Pollution Levels In The Air And Construction Surrounding The House

The area you are living in also has a huge impact on changing the air filters. If you live in a clean and green neighborhood, your AC filters are bound to last longer than those living near a polluted area, populated area, construction site, etc.

Apart from the factors mentioned above, a general rule is to get your AC filter replaced every 90 days, especially during the summer. The duration can vary as per the conditions of your house.

However, most experts from service producers for AC repair in Frisco, TX, recommend that one not delay beyond the recommended duration. This helps in maintaining the efficiency of your HVAC unit and prevents additional problems as well.

If you are looking for a professional technician for AC repair in Plano, TX or Frisco, TX, to get your AC repaired, call us at (214)-664-6655.

8 Reasons To Replace Your Air Conditioner

AC replacement sounds like a rare option. After all, why replace an AC if it is still functional? AC repair in Frisco, TX, is an important step towards maintenance. While it might sound costly, you can rest assured that AC replacement in Frisco, TX is a necessary step to maintain your home’s health.

When Should You Opt For Ac Replacement?

Typically, an AC will last you for at least ten years. This includes regular maintenance, which acts as a preventative measure for the AC. However, your AC needs to be replaced if it becomes too old or does not function well. AC replacement is a good idea if you feel your AC is inefficient.

To Make it Easier For You, Here Are 8 Reasons Why You Need To Get That Ac Replaced –

  • Improved Indoor Air Quality

A new AC will be much better at tackling particulate matter and dirt. It protects your family from harmful pollutants and has better control over air circulation.

  • Better Ac Upgrades

It is no surprise that AC manufacturers keep churning out new and better appliances. An AC bought a decade ago will not be as efficient as one manufactured recently. People are constantly improving their standard of living, and they need smarter air conditioners. If you get AC replacement in Frisco, TX, you get more benefits.

  • Safety Hazards of Ac

Most people wait until it’s too late to replace their AC. They keep getting it repaired instead of replacing the AC. In such cases, the air conditioner might be a hazard to your loved ones. Its efficiency is reduced, and it cannot control your indoor air quality. Moreover, the AC can have both internal and external damage.

  • Your Ac is Old

Old air conditioners are a burden. They can cause more harm than good and are very inefficient. Most governments recommend changing old ACs as they are not sustainable. It can cause allergies in your family or may add to the electricity bills.

  • Better Value For Your Home

Good air conditioners are preferred when people go house hunting. Once you get an AC replacement, the value of your house goes up. No one wants to pay a hefty bill for an AC that blows warm air or doesn’t function properly. Moreover, you can easily get a return on the investment by selling the house.

  • Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER)

Making a sustainable choice is more important now than it was a decade ago. Therefore, better ACs have come up in the market with improved EER. The EER denotes the energy efficiency of the air conditioner. It reduces electricity bills and carbon footprint.

  • Improved Experience

You don’t need to worry about the inconsistent performance of your AC. An AC replacement can fix any performance issues.

  • Smart Ac’s

Gone are the days when ACs were noisy. Improved air conditioners have a smart thermostat and are more advanced. They increase your comfort and reduce expenses.

If you’re looking for AC repair in Frisco, TX, on Google, book a call with Calahan Construction. We are a reputable AC replacement and repair service in Frisco, TX. Our professional team can solve your air conditioning queries about replacement. Book a call with us today to hire the best AC replacement in Frisco, TX.

Why You Should Replace Your Air Conditioner – 5 Reasons

Most people fail to realize the importance of air conditioning replacement in Frisco, TX. They are put off by the extra cost and cannot visualize the future benefits. You might find homeowners using the same AC for more than 15 years.

Proper AC installation in Frisco, TX, particularly, is of great importance. Texas sees a lot of harsh summers. Your air conditioner must be capable enough to get you through the heat. Therefore, it is prudent to get your AC replaced at a good time.

Does Your Ac Need Replacement?

Well, untrained homeowners can identify physical signs of damage in an AC. If your AC is inefficient, that is a good enough reason to get it replaced. However, it is often seen that people don’t replace their AC until the very last moment.

When an AC has lasted more than its lifespan, it stops functioning properly. You will then need more AC repairs than necessary. This adds to their expenses and makes AC replacement costlier than usual. Moreover, an old AC adds to your carbon footprint on the earth and is poor for the environment.

Here Are 5 Good Reasons To Replace Your Air Conditioner –

  • Old Ac Can Be Rusty

An old air conditioner cannot work efficiently. It can give you serious trouble if you don’t replace it on time. For instance, if you’ve witnessed Freon leaks and inconsistent performance, it might be due to age. This directly impacts the quality of air circulating in your house. It could pose a health hazard as an inefficient AC cannot stop pollutants from contaminating the air.

  • Ac Repair is Costlier Than Replacement

You might have invested in regular AC maintenance. But you find your AC still breaking down often. This means that your AC needs a replacement. An old AC can take more repairs and will only add to your expenses. If your AC needs more repairs, it is better to get it replaced. The reason being that your repairs do not give you a permanent solution. In such cases, it is better to contact a professional for AC replacement.

  • Better Ac Upgrades are Available

Technology has advanced at a rapid pace in the past decade. This means that air conditioners today have better and smarter upgrades. You do not need to worry about the temperature as a smart thermostat will take care of it.

  • Your Bills are Higher Than Usual

If your electricity bills are very high, it is better to get the AC replaced. An old AC consumes more energy which increases your expenses. The US government recommends using a new AC as it is better for the environment.

  • Your AC has Served its Life

If your AC has extended its lifespan, you need a replacement. The AC might have more breakdowns when it’s old. An old AC is also more difficult to manage and needs constant repairs.

If you’re looking for AC repair and AC installation in Frisco, TX, schedule a call with Calahan Construction. We are a trusted AC replacement service in Frisco, TX. Calahan has experienced technicians that can solve your air conditioning replacement in Frisco, TX. Book a call today to hire the best AC installation service in Frisco, TX.

4 Warning Signs Of An Ac Breakdown

If you own an air conditioner, there is a definite chance that you have seen an AC breakdown. It might look like this: your AC shows obvious signs of struggle before giving up. You then find yourself looking for AC repair near me on the internet.

The reasons for AC breakdown are many. Some of the common causes of AC breakdown include dirty coils, leakage, dirty air filter, and fans. These can be prevented to a certain extent with regular maintenance. However, an AC breakdown may occur despite such preventative measures. In such cases, you need to have the presence of mind to identify the problems in your AC. When you identify the problems early, it is easier for the technician to solve them. Moreover, you can prevent bigger problems by getting in touch with AC repair in Plano, TX.

So, how do you identify early warning signs of an AC breakdown? Here’s a list of 4 early signs of AC breakdown to make you understand –

  • Your Ac is Too Loud

A loud AC was okay more than a decade ago. Now it is obsolete and a sure sign of an impending AC breakdown. Noisy AC can be caused by a dislodged fan or any major internal issue. These sounds might include any noise such as grinding, chattering, or squeaking. In that case, you might want to investigate the matter before consulting a professional.

  • Your Bills Are Higher Than Ever

If you find yourself spending too much on AC repairs, it is a sign of AC breakdown. Higher bills can have several meanings. If your AC is adding to your expenses, it is better to get it checked. These bills might directly relate to AC repairs, and they could be hefty electricity bills. If your AC is inefficient, it is more likely to consume more energy. This will inevitably lead to an increase in your electricity bills. When your electricity bills are too high, your AC might have performance issues.

  • Inconsistent and Inefficient Performance

Irregular performance indicates a possible breakdown. It might reduce the efficiency of your AC, and your home may not be cool enough.

  • Leaks, Odors, and Poor Airflow

Excess leakage or bad odors can point to an AC breakdown. Some water might leak when your air conditioner is working. However, if you find excessive water leaking from your AC, it means you need help. Your AC might also have poor airflow in case of any breakdown.

What To Do If you Have An Ac Breakdown?

After identifying the early signs of breakdown, you need to switch the AC off immediately. Keep your children away from any leaks and contact a professional immediately. It is better not to fool around with the AC on your own. You might just worsen the condition of your AC rather than fixing it. Moreover, you might miss the internal problems of your AC.

If you’re looking for AC repair near me, schedule a call with Calahan Construction. We are a premier AC installation and repair service in Plano, TX. We are market leaders in affordable AC replacement and AC repair in Plano, TX. Book a call with us today for all your AC-related queries.

What Part Of A Kitchen Remodel Costs Most?

A kitchen remodels a few factors determine the most expensive components. When it comes to kitchen remodels in Plano, TX, one of the most difficult decisions you’ll have to make as a homeowner is redesigning your kitchen at a minimum cost.

The size of the kitchen renovation you desire is the most critical aspect that determines to price. The typical cost of a simple kitchen redesign is roughly $18,500 if you plan to make fewer adjustments or simply modify a few things.

The average homeowner spends roughly $54,000 on major kitchen improvements, including upgrading the countertops, floors, cabinets, and pretty much everything else.

Reduction Of Cost While Kitchen Remodeling

There are different ways to save money while upgrading your kitchen, even on the most expensive items like worktops and cabinets. These five pointers will ensure that you obtain the kitchen of your dreams on a budget.

  • Set a Realistic Budget From Start

It’s critical to get down and create a realistic budget before ordering any items. Then calculate how much everything you want will cost. Is it cost-effective? The answer is NO, for most of the time, which is why it’s critical to sit down and discuss this before you begin.

On the list, which items are the most important to you, and which can you live without? Also, keep in mind that the majority of improvements run above budget rather than under.

  • Appliances And The Sink Should Not Be Moved

If you want to save money on kitchen remodeling, leave anything that connects to a gas or water line alone. Rerouting these lines necessitates the hiring of yet another professional, such as an electrician or a plumber. People frequently underestimate how much this could cost. Unless these items are necessary, there are other ways to update your kitchen without increasing the overall footprint.

  • Cabinets Should Only Be Replaced if Necessary

The most expensive component of a typical kitchen makeover is the cabinets. Check your current cabinetry to see if it can be fixed rather than replaced before investing in new cabinets. Repairing antique cabinets is less expensive and may give them a whole new look. You can get the look of new cabinets for cheaper by changing out the hardware and applying a fresh coat of paint.

  • Looking Around For The Best Deal

Assuming that the local retail shop offers you the lowest price and best deal. Advertisements may lead you to believe you’re receiving a good price, but this isn’t always the case. You can nearly always save a significant amount of money by browsing or looking around before making a purchase.

  • Rather Than Buying From a Contractor, Buy From a Wholesaler

You can spend a lot of money buying your supplies wholesale if you want to save money on your renovations and don’t mind doing some footwork. You’ll save a lot of money on markup if you get your materials from the same location the contractors do.

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How Long Does The Remodeling A House Take?

Updating the appearance of your home is a terrific way to increase its functionality, comfort, and value. However, one of the most frequently asked issues by homeowners is about timetables. This is a challenging question to answer because each project has its own set of requirements that influence the overall completion time. Redesigning your house with the remodeling services in Carrollton, TX, with minimum cost is critical.

When estimating how long your project should take, it’s crucial to remember a few basic rules. Here’s everything you need to know about home renovations, including timetables based on common sense.

Cosmetic Renovation: A Weekend To Three Months

You can consider a basic aesthetic redesign if your property is relatively recent or doesn’t require a lot of work. Short improvements that merely require cosmetic repairs can take anywhere from a weekend to over three months.

In essence, a cosmetic renovation timeline is intended for minor repairs or circumstances when the house’s basic bones are still in good shape but might use some updating. When dealing with work of a larger type that may require major carpentry or plumbing, you must definitely lookout for an efficient licensed contractor.

Medium Renovations – Several Weeks To Six Sonths

Medium renovations, which can take anything from a few weeks to six months to complete, are the next option for home improvement completion. This usually refers to circumstances where you’re on the verge of completely gutting the area or need more extensive repairs than a simple cosmetic fix.

Average medium refurbishment possibilities come in a variety of shapes and sizes. In reality, the majority of repairs fall into this group. A substantial makeover, for example, would entail entirely rebuilding a kitchen and transferring sink plumbing to a new center island. Another example is adding a new fireplace to your existing living room or a new garage to the side of your existing home.

Major work – Six Months To Over One Year

When considering renovation dates in a major overhaul, the last sort of job to consider is the large overhaul. Basically, if the entire house has been gutted, the reconstruction will take longer. These kinds of building projects might take anything from six months to a year to complete.

Many house flippers and rehabbers seek this when they decide to embark on a project. These are the situations in which a home is in a great location but requires extensive repairs to bring it up to modern standards.

A major overhaul may also include large-scale issues such as foundation repair, structural repair, house lifting, second-story additions, and more. Major projects with long deadlines, on the other hand, aren’t often total renovations. Choosing to work on multiple little or medium projects simultaneously might sometimes result in a larger project.

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