Simple Steps To Take If Your Furnace Won’t Turn On

If your furnace does not turn on, here is a list of simple steps you can take before booking an expert for heating repair in The Colony.

  • Check The Circuit Breakers

You can start by checking the circuit breaker box to find out if any breaker is tripped. If, due to any reason, there is a tripped breaker, fixing it shall solve the problem.

  • Check The Thermostat

First things first, investigate if the settings of the thermostat are correct. Check if the temperature control settings are appropriate. At times, if the power goes off, the thermostat settings are reset. It can also be a problem. To check if that is the issue, you can turn the thermostats settings to 10 degrees higher than the current setting. The mode of the thermostat shall also be changed to ‘heat’.

  • Check The Sir Filter Of The Furnace

A clogged filter can also be a reason why your furnace is not turning on. The air filter of the furnace must be cleaned regularly and changed every three months. Not cleaning the filters might lead to the accumulation of dirt and clogging of the filter. It will not let the air flow into the blower, and thus, the furnace will cease to work.

  • The Pilot Light

Check the pilot light or electric igniter of your furnace. See if the flame is clear blue. If the flame is not burning, or if the flame’s color is yellowish, it might indicate several problems. If the flame is not burning, you can ignite it, and the blower will start working. If not, you must call for heating repair at Lewisville, TX. If the color of the flame is yellowish, it is an indicator of emission of carbon monoxide, or some crack, or opening. You must seek the help of a professional to fix these problems.

  • Is The Drain Pan Filled With Water?

Often, the drain pan of the furnace is filled with wastewater that couldn’t be pumped out due to a malfunctioning drain pump. Removing the water shall solve the problem for the time being. However, it would be best to get the drain pipe repaired by a trained technician for heating repair at the colony.

By following these simple steps, your furnace should most likely start working. However, if the problem exists even after these steps, you must book an experienced and trusted professional for heating repair at Lewisville, TX.

We at Calahan Construction And Air offer reliable services at the most reasonable prices. We strive to provide answers to all your queries, and explain the exact process involved in the repair or maintenance service, and work accordingly. To avail of our high-quality services of heating repair the colony, call us at (214) 664-6655.

DIY Steps To Try If The Furnace Blower Stops Working

In the middle of the winter season, the last thing we want is for our furnace burners to stop working. It is understandable if you panic when your furnace’s blower suddenly decides to stop blowing air, or worse, blows cold air in the room. However, before you call for heating repair in Plano, TX, there are some “do it yourselfers” that you can try. It will solve the problem and save you from spending on an unnecessary repair or tune-up session.

DIYs To Do When Your Furnace Blower Stops Working

Before you start with anything, check if your furnace’s blower is emitting cold air or is not emitting air at all. Accordingly, you can work on the solution.

The Vent Is Not Releasing Air At All

If you notice that the vent is not releasing any air, be it warm or not, then there can be three steps that you can take before you think about heating repair in Plano, TX.

  • See If The Circuit Is Intact

First of all, go and check the circuit breaker box. Mostly, a problem as simple as a tripped circuit can stop your furnace from working. See if any of the breakers are tripped and fix them. The problem shall be resolved.

  • Check The Setting Of The Thermostat

If there is no problem with the circuit breaker, you should check the thermostat’s setting. Ensure that the thermostat is turned on and the temperature setting is adequate. A low-temperature setting can also stop your blower from working. To check if the thermostat is working properly, you can increase the temperature slightly more than the required amount.

  • Check The Filter Of Your Furnace

Another aspect you can check for on your own is the furnace filter. The filters of your furnace clean the air from dirt and dust. Over time, these get accumulated on the filter and clog it. You must clean the filters regularly and change them at least once every 4 to 6 months.

Ignoring this can eventually clog the filters so much that no air will be able to pass through. Moreover, it also puts more pressure on your furnace to heat the room and might result in the need for frequent heating repair in Frisco, TX.

  • The Furnace Is Giving Out Cold Air

If you notice that air is coming out of the furnace but is cold, it might be due to an issue with the igniter. Check the ignition flame or pilot light and see if it is burning in pure blue color. If the color of the flame is not blue, and the hue is towards yellower shade, then all you need to do is clean the burner.

However, if the flame continues to be yellowish, it might indicate carbon monoxide leakage. Carbon monoxide leakage would mean that the heat exchanger is cracked. This gas is harmful to those living in the room and can even cause fatal damages.

Such a situation might require professional assistance, and you must book an appointment for heating repair at Frisco, TX. We at Calahan Construction And Air offer reliable heating and cooling service at honest price ranges. Contact us now (214) 664-6655!

What Is Included In An Annual Furnace Maintenance Appointment?

All HVAC contractors who provide heating maintenance in Plano, TX, recommend furnace maintenance at least once a year. This ensures your heating unit is working efficiently and that there are no underlying problems that may cause additional expenses later.

However, many homeowners are unsure of what to expect from an annual maintenance service. What will the contractor do? What should you do? This article has answered some of the most common questions about annual furnace maintenance appointments.

Question 1: What Is Included In Annual Maintenance?

Heating maintenance in Plano, TX, focuses on inspection and tune-up of the unit. Therefore, some of the activities that the contractor will complete include:

  1. Check the oil level in your motor and refill or change the oil
  2. Inspect the fuel lines for leaks, cracks, or holes that may cause problems
  3. Inspect the carbon monoxide indicator if the unit has one
  4. Check the filters and coils to see whether they are dirty, and clean them, if they aren’t
  5. Ensure all mechanical parts are lubricated and working properly
  6. Inspect all mechanical parts including fans, plates, and blowers to see if there is any chipping that can lead to damage
  7. Recalibrate your furnace and thermostat, so they are in synchronization
  8. Check the fuel, airflow, and gas pressure in the furnace
  9. Check the exhaust system to ensure waste gas and unburnt fuel is safely discarded away from your home
  10. Check all electrical connections and wiring
  11. Rewire old and frayed wires if necessary

Question 2: What Is Not Included In Annual Maintenance?

Most contractors who provide furnace maintenance in the county also provide HVAC repair in Plano, TX. However, this does not mean that a maintenance service includes repairs. If any part is broken or needs replacement, the HVAC contractor will complete the job, but you will have to pay separately for the parts. Repairs and replacements are not covered in annual maintenance.

Question 3: How Much Does The Furnace Maintenance Cost?

Maintenance costs vary depending upon the unit’s make and model, the unit’s age, and the contractor’s rating. Experienced contractors charge more because they are sure they can get the job done without additional problems. If your unit is old or in poor condition, more work needs to be done. Therefore, you are more likely to receive a higher quotation.

Question 4: Is There A Way To Reduce The Maintenance Cost?

Yes! You can reduce the costs of your annual maintenance appointment by purchasing a maintenance contract. These contracts are customized according to your needs and cover all types of maintenance. You can also purchase one contract for multiple HVAC units. The contract includes regular maintenance and all activities required to maintain the unit, including cleaning and tune-ups.

Most reliable contractors who provide HVAC repair in Plano, TX, also provide maintenance services. If you don’t know whom to call, you can call Calahan Construction and Air. We provide affordable and long-lasting HVAC services. Get started on your HVAC services by calling us on (214) 664-6655.

Why Is A Heating Tune-Up Necessary?

It is probably the ideal time to start preparing for the cold winters ahead. Keeping your rooms heated becomes a priority considering the approaching winters, and it is ideal to stay ready for the cold, freezing winters. Losing adequate room heat during the cold winters could turn into an absolute nightmare, and the additional bills to get it repaired during peak winters could be an additional headache. Regular tune-ups and advance repairs of your heating systems are always a better idea to ensure your winters sail smoothly.

Heating tune-ups are an excellent way to ensure early detection and repair of any possible issue in the system that could lead to a major breakdown. Regular tune-ups save you a lot on your electricity and repair bills during the peak winters. It is a good way to ensure an enhanced lifespan of your heating systems and optimal functioning when needed.

Still, wondering if a heating tune-up is necessary? Here are 4 reasons why a heating tune-up is ideal for your heating system!

  • Save Your Bills on Electricity

Your heating systems require regular tune-ups and servicing to ensure that all the critical parts of the heating systems are working efficiently and without any unnecessary load or stress caused by the failure of other components. Regular tune-ups could save you hundreds of dollars on your annual bills, and a handsome 30% post-tune-up enhances the average efficiency of your heating systems.

  • Lower Your Carbon Footprint

Efficient working heating systems are the key to ensuring that you are doing your part to keep your carbon footprint under control. The fuel wasted on a non-efficient heating system exponentially increases your carbon emission. Regular tune-ups and maintenance ensure that your heating system always works efficiently and that unnecessary carbon emission is avoided caused by faulty systems.

  • Enhanced Air Quality

The damaged ducts and air vents can decrease your heating system’s efficiency and increase pressure on the system to work despite faulty issues, which mostly leads to poor performance in terms of air quality and even heating ability. This could lead to growing breathing problems and stress on health. Tune-ups and servicing ensure that your heating unit works efficiently without any major strain on the system.

  • Reduce Breakdowns

Regular tune-ups and maintenance could lead to early detection of any possible technical snag in your heating system. They can lead to early repairs to avoid any major breakdowns in the future. Regular tune-ups are ideal to avoid critical failure of the sensitive parts of the heating system, such as damaged vents and ducts that could lead to major breakdowns if not detected and repaired within time and ensure enhanced system efficiency.

Heating tune-ups and advance repairs could save you a lot on your patience and hefty bills during the peak winters. Regular maintenance and repairs are always ideal to ensure that your heating and cooling systems are working at an efficient capacity. Looking for ideal heating tune-up services in Plano, TX? Calahan Construction & Air brings you professional-grade heating maintenance and repair services in Plano, TX. Looking for heating tune-up services in Frisco, TX? We’ve got you covered! Call us at (214) 664-6655 today!

Is A Rattling Furnace Anything To Be Concerned About?

Furnaces used to be one of the noisiest ways to heat a house. The sound of it turning on was like a screaming dragon in the cellar. But those days are long gone, and advanced furnaces function quietly, providing a pleasant background noise in everyday life. Until, of course, something goes wrong. Hence when your furnace makes some abnormal sounds, they are an indication that you must call experts for heating repair in Frisco, TX.

Why Does A Furnace Make A Rattling Noise?

Mentioned hereunder are some reasons your furnace makes a rattling sound.

  • The Ignition is on

Before the furnace goes on, you may hear a short snapping or rattling noise. It is most likely the sound of the furnace’s flame getting lit. While it is not a big deal as soon as it ends before the furnace fires up, if your furnace won’t turn on despite a snapping sound, the igniter is most likely unable to start the pilot light.

It indicates that the ignition system isn’t working accurately, and you must call experts for heating repair in Lewisville, TX.

  • Air Filter or Dirty Burners

The banging noises could be due to an excessive amount of debris in your furnace’s combustion or air filter. Dust and debris in these components can cause a startling amount of noise if your furnace hasn’t been cleaned in over a year.

The first step is to remove any dust from the compressor and burner cavity, paying attention to the blower fan and the rear corners of the hollow. Also, you can use a portable or hose vacuum to clean air filters or dirty burners.

  • Distorting or Stretching Ducts

If your furnace makes a banging or rattling noise now and again, it’s conceivable that your pipes have warped from years of use. It does not affect the furnace’s operation, but it can disturb you. It is why it is crucial to call experts for a heating tune-up in Frisco, TX, and get this issue rex

  • Air Compressor Set-Screws Are Loose

Set-screws connect the exhaust system to the blower fan. The fan may rattle as it rotates if the set-screws are loose. Note that if the set-screws have remained unfastened for a long time, other parts of the engine, such as rotor blades or spinners, may have been damaged and need to be replaced by calling HVAC technicians.

  • The Engine in Your Draft Inducer is Defective

Check to see if your draught inducer motor needs to get rebuilt if the rattling sounds like tapping. The inducer motor efficiently removes air from the heat transfer, allowing cleaner air to circulate throughout the unit. The motor wheel of a draught inducer might become imbalanced at times. Unfortunately, most products make it impossible to reach this component, thus getting replaced.

At Calahan Construction & Air, we are a leading HVAC company rendering quality heat pump service in Frisco, TX, and nearby areas. Our expert technicians are well-versed with all HVAC-related issues and can help you save money on your furnace repair. To book a service session, call us at (214) 664-6655.

Why Do Heat Pumps Require A High Amount Of Servicing?

A heat pump is one of the most advanced pieces of technology in every household. Also, it is one of the most cost-effective since it may replace both an air conditioner and a furnace. Also, compared to other air conditioning options, it takes up less room, making your home feel more spacious.

However, heat pump service in Lewisville, TX, and upkeep often get overlooked by homeowners. Most consumers do nothing to service their units after they purchase and install them, which leads to unpleasant surprises when they develop specific problems down the road.

Why Do Heat Pumps Require More Servicing?

Various governments across the globe are encouraging people to switch from gas-fired heat pumps to heat pumps that run on electricity because of climate and environmental issues.

Also, the goal of such governmental measures is to reduce CO2 emissions and minimize reliance on gas that remains vulnerable to price changes (typically upwards). Apart from this, gas heat pumps usually require more servicing, and hence more and more people are shifting towards electric heat pumps.

Benefits of Installing Electric Heat Pumps at Your Place

Mentioned hereunder are some reasons you must get an electric heat pump installed at your place.

  • Heat Pumps Are Pretty Energy Efficient

Even the most efficient gas furnaces remain outperformed by heat pumps in terms of energy efficiency. Even if they don’t work as well when the temperature outdoors drops below -7°C, several creative installation tactics can help you get through this problem in colder climates.

  • Heat Pump Technology is Reliable

Heat pumps work in the same way as air conditioners and refrigerators do. It means they’re supported: by tried-and-true technology that’s only become better over time, with little regular maintenance.

  • More Adaptable in Terms of Installation

Heat pump systems come in a wide variety of configurations, making them appropriate for use in a wide range of buildings and environments. For example, you can use a heat pump to substitute a gas-fired furnace without disrupting the current household hot water system. Furthermore, you can likewise use them to heat a swimming pool.

  • You Will Receive Government Assistance

Governments in several countries provide financial assistance to homeowners who want to switch from a gas-fired heating system to a heat pump. In addition, in some circumstances, the available grants are pretty generous, covering a significant amount of your heat pump installation costs.

  • You Can Measure Superheat And Sub Cooling

By installing a heat pump at your place, you can readily determine the superheat level at the discharge port and the sub cooling temperature at the expansion valve outlet in this manner. Both values remain compatible with the refrigerant’s temperature state-change properties within the circuit, leading to higher efficiency and reduced servicing costs.

If you are lately looking for a reliable HVAC company for your heat pump service in Little Elm, TX, Calahan Construction & Air can be your perfect partner. At Calahan Construction & Air, we are a leading HVAC company and can help save money on your heat pump repair, maintenance, and installation. To know more about our services, call us at (214) 664-6655.

Problems To Look Out For In A Gas Furnace

When everything in your home’s heater is working accurately, it can keep the temperature at your place at a comfortable, warm level. If there are no problems, you may not realize it until there are some distinct indications.

While your furnace comes built to last a long time, there is always the possibility that something could go wrong. The majority of the time, a furnace problem is pretty simple to resolve. A qualified professional for HVAC repair in Plano, TX, can rapidly solve the issue, or a homeowner may be able to troubleshoot the problem themselves.

What Are Some Common Furnace Problems Homeowners Face?

Mentioned hereunder are some noticeable furnace problems that require immediate attention from heating repair in The Colony experts.

  • No Heat From Your Furnace

Your heater’s primary job is to circulate warm air throughout your home, keeping you and everyone else who stays there comfortable when it’s chilly outside. Hence it is natural to get concerned when your furnace stops producing heat. However, in many cases, it’s not a significant problem. If your thermostat has a fan option, it could be one of the causes your furnace is circulating air but not creating heat.

  • Your Furnace Constantly Turns on And Off

A furnace warms your home by cycling on and off to sustain the temperature set on the thermostat. A heating system may turn on, heat the room or residence to the appropriate temperature, then cycle off numerous times in an hour, based on the set temperature and the thermal conditions. Also, when your heater begins short cycling or switching on and off repeatedly without ever reaching the desired warmth, something is amiss.

  • Your Furnace Does Not Operate on Its Own

Your furnace will turn on and provide heat once it receives a message from the thermostat if everything is in good condition. However, if it is not turning on and your home gets chilly, there may be a problem. Also, this problem, like other furnace issues, could be a simple remedy or a hint of a significant problem with the furnace.

If the safety system remains turned off, your heater, for example, will not turn on. If the equipment isn’t operating, check the breaker box and try turning on the “furnace” switch. That could be all you need to get things going again.

  • Your Furnace is Making an Unusual Noise

When a furnace runs, it makes some sound. When the thermostat reaches a particular temperature and sends a message to the furnace, you may hear clicks.

Also, when the air flows via your ductwork, you may detect “whooshing” sounds that indicate something is wrong with your device and it needs to be examined, repaired, or changed. There may be energy left in the combustion chamber after the device gets turned off when your heater produces a loud rumbling noise.

Are you looking for reliable heating repair professionals near me for your furnace tune-up, repair, or replacement? Calahan Construction & Air can be your perfect partner. To book our expert and affordable HVAC services, call us at (214) 664-6655.

What Bad Smells from Your Heating Vents Might Mean?

What Are The Strange Smells Coming From Your Heating Vents?

Mentioned hereunder are some unusual smells from your HVAC vents and what does it indicate.

  • Musty Odor

If you’ve lately been detecting a stinking musty smell from your heating vents, it could be due to the accumulation of molds or mildew. While identifying the exact source of mold accumulation could be challenging when you go for self-examination, you can take the help of a heat pump service near me to find out the origin. It is crucial because even when these molds and mildew aren’t harmful to your device, they can create pulmonary problems due to poor air quality.

Also, excessive use of the air conditioning unit can result in moisture within the device. If the excess water and dampness do not drain correctly, it can sneak into your heating vent and cause mold to grow.

  • Burning Smell

When you first switch on your heater for the winter, it may emit a faint odor reminiscent of hot iron or something burnt. You don’t have to be concerned as long as this doesn’t last too long.

Also, there could be a more significant problem if your heating vents smell like something is burning. It could be a filthy or blocked air filter restricting air passage and causing the electrical component radiators to overheat or a wiring issue within the motor.

  • Acetone Smell

You may have a coolant leak if you smell something such as fingernail paint remover. In outdated and poorly maintained systems, this can be a problem. It not only affects the effectiveness of your system, but it can also be dangerous because it is combustible. Check your system, locate the leak, fix it, and replace the refrigerant with the help of an HVAC specialist.

  • Pest Urine Stench

You most certainly have a pest problem if you detect bug smells coming from your vents. Mice, in particular, prefer to build their retreats in and around machinery and ducting, where they urinate and excrete. Find out where the mice live (it may be around the air handling unit as it’s warm there during winters), and take them out. Also, you will likely need to clean your ductwork and install an air filtering system after that.

It is time to get your unit inspected if you are lately experiencing these odors from your heating vents. At Calahan Construction & Air, we are a team of expert HVAC technicians and can help you save money on your heating repair, tune-up, or installation. To book our expert services, call us at (214) 664-6655.

Which Is The Best Time To Buy A New Furnace?

Furnaces are a much-needed piece of equipment at homes or even offices, but they can also cost you a lot of bucks or even hectic repairs when they become old. At this point, you might be looking for the best time to buy a new one.

Many questions may arise in your mind before buying a new furnace. If you have the same questions in mind, then spring/fall season is the answer to your queries, and there are many reasons why spring or fall season is the best season to buy a new furnace.

5 Main Reasons Why The Spring/Fall Season is The Best Time to Buy a New Furnace

1. Lower Prices

Spring and fall season is an off-season for most furnace companies, and therefore, you can find a deal and lower prices compared to other seasons. You can also find a better deal on the furnaces carried on from the previous winter season. As furnaces are sold in lower quantities in the spring season, there are many chances to find a furnace with lower prices.

2. Weather

Due to milder temperatures during the spring or fall season, it is easier to get a new furnace installed. We mostly don’t use our heating systems during this season, and we can easily get our furnace replaced, so we don’t have to rely on our system.

3. Installation Costs

During the spring/fall season, installation mechanics are also mostly free, and they can also give you a discount due to less workload. Companies can also adjust appointments according to your schedule, and installation will also be flexible during the spring season due to the offseason.

4. Cost-Effective

Buying a new furnace instead of repairing an old one, again and again, is always a cost-effective option. An average furnace lasts 12-15 years, and if one is older than that and consuming a lot of repairs, it’s time to buy a new one and save some money. You can always check if it’s time to replace the furnace or not by getting an annual HVAC inspection done by an expert.

5. Better Experience

Choosing a furnace in the spring or fall season can provide you the best buying experience ever. During the winter or early summer season, people may be looking for new installations or heating repairs near them, and there can be chaos at the local HVAC provider and maybe the worst buying experience of your life. Buying new equipment during the spring/fall season is easier.

Repairing an old furnace can sometimes be more expensive than buying a new one. Sometimes it is wise to get a new one rather than to repair the older one. Now we know which season is best for buying a new furnace, we should completely trust the company from which we are going to buy a new furnace.

For getting your regular repairs, equipment replacements, remodeling, and heating tune-ups in Carrollton, TX, get in touch with Calahan Constructions. Contact us at (214) 664-6655.

Is Your Furnace Going To Explode?

It is inconvenient to be without heating devices in very cold outdoors. Furnaces last for a limited amount of time. Proper care, maintenance, expert services, and unit quality can influence how long a unit lasts. However, appliances may be unreliable. They appear to be OK one minute and then stop working the next. There may be red signs indicating your appliance needs repair.

5 Signs Your Furnace is Going to Explode

Although most contemporary furnaces are designed to rigorous safety requirements, there remains a chance that they will explode if not properly maintained:

1. Fuel Leakage

It is entirely natural for your furnace to generate a fuel odor when you first turn it on for the season. This fuel odor should fade after the furnace has warmed up and is operational. If you detect any unusual odors that do not go away after the unit has been switched on for a few minutes, walk outside immediately and contact a furnace expert to come to your house and determine what is wrong.

Remember that even basic actions such as turning a switch or opening an electric appliance can cause an explosion, therefore avoid doing any of these.

2. Non-Functional Carbon Monoxide Sensor

Furnaces must burn fuel, which emits carbon monoxide, to create heat. The lethal, odorless gas harmlessly vents out of the home in a well-operating furnace, but this gas will leak into the house if the device is badly maintained.

When your carbon monoxide detector goes off, it implies your heating equipment is leaking and perhaps releasing dangerous gases. As in the last example, call a gas company, a furnace repair specialist, or the fire department to come to check the source of the leak.

3.Excessive Heat

You turned on the furnace because you wanted to heat the house, but you should be concerned if you feel a lot of heat. First, double-check that your appliance is properly configured. If the settings are normal, turn off the appliance since it is just a matter of time until it explodes. After turning off your furnace, contact an expert technician and request that they come to your home to examine your equipment.

4.Loud Noises

Furnaces are not whisper-quiet devices. However, persistent whistling, screaming, pounding, or moaning should be avoided. These might be fan or belt difficulties or indicate an interior problem, such as loose components. Contact an HVAC specialist and explain them in detail.

5.Yellow Flame

Most pilot lights shine blue, indicating that they are working properly. Check your pilot light regularly to ensure there are no problems. If your pilot light is flashing a different color, such as yellow, it might be a sign of a ventilation problem. When carbon monoxide gas does not disperse as it should, your pilot will start to glow a different color to alert you to the problem.

To get heating maintenance near you, contact Calahan Construction & Air. We provide heating tune-ups in Frisco, TX. Call us at (214)664-6655.