A pilot light is most likely present in an older furnace or gas heating system. That is the tiny blue flame that ignites the natural gas flowing from the main burner of the device. This pilot light might fail for a multitude of causes, leaving you cold.

Many homeowners are unsure if it is safe to turn on the pilot light by themselves. Only if you are an expert in dealing with furnaces should you attempt to turn on the heating system’s pilot light.

Steps to Reset The Pilot Light

You can relight your pilot light yourself if you follow the 7 steps mentioned below:

1. Find The User Manual

First, you will need the furnace user handbook. The assistance handbook may be printed in small or dark type. If this is the case, reading the instructions may become difficult. Follow the instructions close by so you can quickly relight a pilot.

2. Remove Access Cover

Remove the access lid from your furnace burner compartment. Some panels easily pull off, while others may be kept in place by screws.

3. Locate The Pilot Light

Begin by determining the location of the pilot light burner. The pilot light is located at the tiny pilot gas tube extending from the main gas valve into the burner area. When you notice a reset button and a gas control knob, you have found the proper place.

4. Turn Off The Gas Supply

The knob will have three settings: “Pilot,” “Off,” and “On.” Turn the knob to the “Off” position. This will turn off the fuel supply to the pilot light burner. Allow at least five minutes for all the remaining gas from the furnace to dissipate.

5. Turn The Knob to “Pilot”

Turn the gas control knob to the “pilot” position to prevent any gas from being released. Now, relight the pilot light with either a grill light or an extra-long match to keep your hands away from the flame.

6. Light the Pilot Light

Hold down the reset button while lighting the burner, then hold down the reset button until the flame turns a solid blue hue.

7. Turn On The Pilot Light

When you have achieved the required solid blue flame, release the reset button and turn the knob to the “On” position. As soon as you do this, you should hear your furnace turn on. Standing there and observing the flame for a few minutes is advisable to ensure it does not go out or turn yellow. Replace the access cover and raise the thermostat to request heat and ensure the furnace starts smoothly.

If you still cannot light a pilot, try turning the burner’s gas on at least twice and wait a few minutes. If the flame does not ignite, there is a good chance that you have an issue with your gas valve to the pilot or knob. In this case, turn the thermostat down, so it does not turn on and seek heating repair services in Frisco, TX, for help.

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