If you own an air conditioner, there is a definite chance that you have seen an AC breakdown. It might look like this: your AC shows obvious signs of struggle before giving up. You then find yourself looking for AC repair near me on the internet.

The reasons for AC breakdown are many. Some of the common causes of AC breakdown include dirty coils, leakage, dirty air filter, and fans. These can be prevented to a certain extent with regular maintenance. However, an AC breakdown may occur despite such preventative measures. In such cases, you need to have the presence of mind to identify the problems in your AC. When you identify the problems early, it is easier for the technician to solve them. Moreover, you can prevent bigger problems by getting in touch with AC repair in Plano, TX.

So, how do you identify early warning signs of an AC breakdown? Here’s a list of 4 early signs of AC breakdown to make you understand –

  • Your Ac is Too Loud

A loud AC was okay more than a decade ago. Now it is obsolete and a sure sign of an impending AC breakdown. Noisy AC can be caused by a dislodged fan or any major internal issue. These sounds might include any noise such as grinding, chattering, or squeaking. In that case, you might want to investigate the matter before consulting a professional.

  • Your Bills Are Higher Than Ever

If you find yourself spending too much on AC repairs, it is a sign of AC breakdown. Higher bills can have several meanings. If your AC is adding to your expenses, it is better to get it checked. These bills might directly relate to AC repairs, and they could be hefty electricity bills. If your AC is inefficient, it is more likely to consume more energy. This will inevitably lead to an increase in your electricity bills. When your electricity bills are too high, your AC might have performance issues.

  • Inconsistent and Inefficient Performance

Irregular performance indicates a possible breakdown. It might reduce the efficiency of your AC, and your home may not be cool enough.

  • Leaks, Odors, and Poor Airflow

Excess leakage or bad odors can point to an AC breakdown. Some water might leak when your air conditioner is working. However, if you find excessive water leaking from your AC, it means you need help. Your AC might also have poor airflow in case of any breakdown.

What To Do If you Have An Ac Breakdown?

After identifying the early signs of breakdown, you need to switch the AC off immediately. Keep your children away from any leaks and contact a professional immediately. It is better not to fool around with the AC on your own. You might just worsen the condition of your AC rather than fixing it. Moreover, you might miss the internal problems of your AC.

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